What’s Up With Our Goat?

All day yesterday, Velma appeared to be in labor. She was one of the ones I thought was due last week. So, now I wonder if she’s a week and a half late or a week and a half early.

However, she did not deliver. Various times I found her clearly pushing and uncomfortable, but nothing happened.

Finally, after supper I decided to “go in.” I found what I felt to be the placenta blocking the way. I could not reach a foot. This is bad news for an animal, particularly a dwarf goat. I called the vet.

He came, and we worked together for awhile to get the kids up where he could reach them–I was pushing from below, he was reaching from above. But he finally determined that we were dealing with a prolapse, not a previa.

The goat was clearly in labor, he thought, but she wasn’t progressing. We decided to wait until the next morning to see what happens. If there are no kids, we may consider surgery.

She is quite round. This is her first kidding. She is a dwarf. She’s bred to a standard. And she’s prolapsing. All things that make us wonder if the kids won’t be able to come out on their own.

To be continued….

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