Percy Has Been Busy

This week was the first full week of Percy working here. We had a meeting in the bodega Tuesday after taking a walk around the farm to look at potential projects. We set up a loose priority of projects, and I turned him loose.

Since then, he has repaired all the fencing in the farm, planted several new posts, built a buck pen, painted some on the house, dug an irrigation ditch, helped dehorn heifers, and been generally useful.

It has been such a relief to know that while I’m in town selling milk or in the office editing, the farm work can go forward. This week has proved a real blessing.

Last evening, he borrowed the truck to haul potatoes up to his field. They are planning to plant soon. I told him if he needs a day off, he can feel free to ask. He said for other employers, he had to work seven days a week with no time off and do his planting at night. He was very grateful for the chance to do it during the day.

He also said it’s odd to have me working with him. I haven’t been here all the time, of course, and I have a few hours of editing and writing to fit in also, but I’m putting my time in on the farm. He said usually the boss doesn’t get dirty.

He said he appreciates the respect I show him. I’m not entirely sure what he means because I feel we’re just being polite, but I do realize that with the way the caste system works here, day workers aren’t treated very well at times.

Hopefully, we’ll be able to learn from each other. I want to reflect the love Jesus has shown me and pass that on. At the same time, Percy has a lot to teach about practical things and even about humility.