Continued: Velma Had Her Kid

After all the waiting and scary moments, Friday afternoon, she kidded. I was in town selling bread. Anne had noticed at lunch time that Velma appeared to be in labor. I checked her at 2:00, but nothing seemed to be happening fast.

But by the time I’d been in town a little, Steph texted me the picture. Steph had wisely gone to check on Velma every half hour. She found her with feet out, but unable to get the head through.

I was convinced that Velma had two or three kids, but I was completely wrong. Steph pulled a large buckling. He’s the largest we’ve had, and Velma is our smallest doe. She had some pretty severe tearing to deliver the large kid, but she’s healing well.

Thankfully, it went well, and both kid and doe survived. Steph has skills. Velma is giving more milk than Agnes, even. She was the first retained placenta, but that was no trouble for me to take care of.

We’re all disappointed in another buckling. This is the year of bucks! Apparently, that’s Merry’s thing. If he throws more bucks in the next several kiddings, his days are numbered on this farm.

But we’re thankful Velma is doing well and giving a healthy amount of milk. She gave two liters her first morning.

After. Pearl was Steph’s nurse.
You can see he’s about half as tall as Velma.
Velma was tired afterward. Gertrude let the kid nurse from her to give Velma a break, I guess.