Monday Musings on Tuesday

Percy was ill, so he didn’t come yesterday. I was glad in a way because it gave me a day to catch up on little stuff without worrying about organizing farm projects. But I do hope he feels better soon.

We had several days with heavy rains and thunderstorms and blustering winds. The temperature has dropped and feels pretty mild again. Seeing the fields and lane all filled with water, I remember so often walking through them last year on the way to town or church.

The children miss getting out and seeing people. Dane has had a sore tooth for several days, and it’s made his eyes leak when he eats. I decided to take him to the dentist. He was dancing and shouting for joy–to go to the dentist!

In town yesterday, he plastered his face against the truck window and drank everything in. He was starved for something different. Unfortunately, the dentist wasn’t open yesterday, so we have to go back today. Dane is delighted.

I am now milking six goats. They’re all doing well. I’m planning to trim some hooves today. I’m thankful for the milk stand to get these things done. We still have five more does that will kid soon. Besides which, three others are bred back. Things are coming together finally.

Steph made her first ice cream from goat milk. She made two flavors, mango and papaya. I couldn’t decide which I liked better; they were both so good. I am looking forward to warmer days to enjoy ice cream in.

Rafael had asked if we could make ice cream in these flavors. He was excited to buy a couple liters. It’s another good way to use up all the milk we have.

We have a couple large orders this week, so I helped Steph bake some yesterday. She likes to bake ahead as she can, but we are quite limited on freezer space. We may need another small freezer sometime to keep up with demand.

I stopped in at Abel’s and sold him the last of my bread yesterday. He says he will be ready to install the cabinets in a few days. They were having a party of some kind when I arrived, so he wasn’t working yesterday, but he plans to work today. We’ll be glad to have that project behind us.

This is my 280th blog post on the site. It has been interesting to see which posts you read, and which you don’t. Pulling back the curtain a bit, normally there are several hundred people who read each day’s post. But yesterday’s post did poorly.

In fact, it is currently the least read of all 280 posts. The only post read by as few people as yesterday’s was one on “The Power of the Resurrection.”

It seems folks don’t want to read about the Bible or the power we can find in Jesus. I don’t know what that says about my readers, but it matches with what we find in Peru, too.

Our friends here want to be with us for birthdays and volleyball games and kiddings of cute baby goats. They do not want to learn more about the way the Bible can change their lives into something powerful and beautiful.

An interesting correlation to my blog trends.

Walter, chilling out in a basket
A falcon-type bird called a caracara that watched our chicken run yesterday.
I had to chase it away by jumping up with a stick to hit it.
The mango and papaya ice cream
These three help me with chores every day. They are great help. We have lots of fun.
I’m thankful I do not have to travel that water-logged lane anymore.
The countertops are done.