Encouragement for You from Me from Elisabet

Thank you to everyone who wrote in yesterday. Now I know how to get you talking! Simply mention that Dane needs to go to the dentist. πŸ˜‰ Seriously, thank you for your thoughtful replies and encouragements and challenges.

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In other news, I was greatly encouraged and blessed by something that I thought may lift your spirits, too. I know many of you are praying for Rafael and Elisabet. Thank you for letting us know you’re praying. I think they feel your prayers; though, they make for uncomfortable feelings. But feeling uncomfortable is often the first step to improvement.

Music is a big deal to Peruvians. They play it all the time and as loudly as they can. They hate silence. Rafael says they don’t enjoy being left alone with their minds. That’s a generalization, but I think there’s truth to it.

Often, there’s music playing when I arrive at the store. In recent months, Rafael and Elisabet have turned the music off or at least down to a murmur while I’m there. But I was surprised with what I heard over the speakers.

“Do you know this man?” Elisabet asked of the man talking.

I told her I didn’t, which made her laugh. She told me to listen. My eyebrows shot up as I heard him mention the Bible and Jesus. She was listening to someone who was talking about God. I listened more closely.

You guessed it before I did, likely. She was listening to my sermon recording over her loud speakers in her store on main street. I was simply astonished.

“I do this every week,” she said.”I am learning a lot about God that I never knew before. Thank you for your hermosos messages, SeΓ±or David.”

God is working. He will not allow His Word to return to Him empty. It will accomplish what He sends it to do.

In other news, Dane went to the dentist. Steph needed to do some shopping, so I took her and Dane to town. Our first stop was a visit to Elisabet who wanted Steph to measure her for altering a coat.

Dane was so thrilled to be out and to see people. It was delightful to watch. Rafael returned from a delivery, and Dane dashed back behind a rack of pipes so he could scare Rafael. It was a cute reunion.

Next, I dropped off Steph and Dane at the dentist so I could head back home. The cavity was drilled out with no anesthetic. Dane said it hurt a little, “But I did such a good job. I didn’t even move or cry!”

I picked them up again after the shopping was done. Back home, I loaded up the baked goods and headed to Urubamba to deliver Edy’s order. Edy asked me to sit down to talk.

He chatted awhile about the driveway. I paid him. Then he asked if we were friends now, which I told him we were. He seemed pleased with that.

“You’re a pastor, right? I have many questions for you. My sister says you preach.” So, we sat and talked for over an hour about his questions about God and the Bible.

He said he’s Catholic because of his parents, but that he’s really disobedient. He struggles with alcohol unless he’s working. He said he works so hard that he has no time to drink, then he’s okay. He wanted to know if it’s different for me.

I talked to him about complete obedience and about knowing God as a friend. He thought that sounded strict and hard, and I told him it was in a way. But I tried to explain the difference having a close, daily relationship with God would make.

He said he wants me to come back to talk. “Your bread and cupcakes are delicious, but I enjoy your words. I want to talk a long time next time. I want you for my friend. And if anyone bothers you, tell me, and I’ll take care of them.”

That’s a complicated bundle of a response, isn’t it? I promised to talk again and offered to send my message recordings.

Then I headed home. I decided to take the slightly longer route home to hopefully avoid rough roads. But the road was closed in a couple of places, calling for a detour. Twice, I ended up in the middle of fields of corn, not sure where to turn. I’d look out over the valley for a sign of a town and then head in that general direction.

I had no cell service, and even if I had, I wasn’t sure what I’d say on a call for help, “I’m beside a field of corn. Which way should I go?” Directions are hard.

My return trip was literally twice as long as my initial trip, but I ended up back in Izcuchaca. That was a relief. I did see some beautiful scenery along the way.

Rafael finding Dane
They didn’t want him to leave.
A mountain near Urubamba. See the snowy peaks disappearing into the clouds?
Lake Huaypo