Little House in the Back Yard

Percy spent the day working on the new kid pen. It is turning out pretty well. I’m pleased.

Lucrecia came in the afternoon to spend time with Percy. They enjoy working together. They are both hard workers.

The children had a grand day watching the building go up. At lunch time, they had fun pretending to be kids and playing in the pen. “Some people call us kids, anyway,” Abbey said.

Percy and I spent some time talking about his home difficulties. His second daughter ran away last weekend. She is in her early teens and has another mother. Percy was not a Christian when she was born.

The girl’s mother has raised her up until now, but kicked her out because she’s troublesome. Percy says she’s been unhappy living a quiet, simple life and does not want to be a Christian. She has already developed a taste for alcohol and parties.

“We just want to stay home with our children. We don’t go out to parties, and we never drink. She thinks our home is boring, but we’re happy serving the Lord,” he said.

She is trying to find an aunt or uncle in her mother’s family who will take her so she can go back to her old life. Percy is pretty sad about it, but doesn’t know what to do. You can pray for them.

I worked on cleaning out the goat pen. We took out around ten wheelbarrows full of manure. I added some to my flower bed; the rest went to the compost pile.

I should maybe have worn a mask. By evening, my head was stuffy and my nose runny. This morning my sinuses feels full. Lots of dust. But it will probably pass soon.

We enjoyed a full and busy day yesterday. I am grateful to have progress on the farm without crisis.

The goats enjoy the clean barn.