It’s been awhile since we’ve seen anyone from the States. We were talking the other evening about if we’d remember how to speak English to visitors, anymore. Anne thought we may have forgotten, but Abbey pointed out that they were talking English to discuss talking English.

Our last visitors were in January. That feels like a such a long time ago. When they left, there were plans for various family members to come for visits over a period of months. With the pandemic, that could not happen.

We said goodbye to Lamar’s in March, and we’ve been alone ever since. But we really haven’t felt that lonely most of the time. You all have done well at connecting with us via email, messages, and even phone calls. That has kept our spirits up.

It was difficult to build relationships here during the quarantine, but I think we managed to grow our friendships. Everything simply had to move much more slowly. Hopefully, we’ve learned more patience.

I talked with our board chairman, Levi, last week. They are hoping to have someone visit us once a month over the next little while to offer us support. This is a huge gift to us at a great sacrifice to them. We feel immensely grateful.

Our first visitors will be Peter and Maryann, who are also part of the board. Our children were sad that none of their children could come along this time, but their excitement over having any sort of visitors quickly swept away the disappointment.

Peter and Maryann are graciously organizing things in the States in order to bring some much needed and wanted items. I’m particularly pleased that we could order school books from Christian Light.

Various other friends of ours are running errands for us in the States. Thank you to each one. We are in your debt.

Peter and Maryann plan to arrive on November 20, Lord willing. Please pray for them in their travels. May God bless them with all they need.

It feels like we’re preparing for a holiday. We’re so excited to see friends again. Maybe now that flights have opened, you will be able to visit someday, too.

Following are some of Beulah’s flowers that the neighbor’s animals have spared.

That little rose bush is covered in buds.
The tall rose bush has even more buds–and no aphids! Good job, ladybugs! 🐞

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