Looking for a Welder

*My phone was not working today; hence, the late blog post.

The day started early yesterday with a tractor showing up at 5:30 to plow the two garden areas. We had a heavy frost that made me have a heavy cough the whole while I was out with the tractor.

After chores, Percy and I headed to Cusco. We had a number of stops we wanted to make, but our main goal was to find a welder so Percy could do weldery things here on the farm.

We first went to Plaza Vea to find a wedding gift for Rafael and Elisabet. Yes, they plan to get married on December 19, Lord willing. They said they want to have their lives “under the law of God.” I feel greatly encouraged to see the steps they are making.

I had noticed a dinnerware set when I was at Plaza Vea before. I was happy to find a nice set yesterday that was at a great price. I explained to Percy why I was buying it, and he seemed as happy as I felt. He helped me choose which style to get.

Percy was stopped by an Oreo saleswoman in Plaza Vea who wanted a picture with him for some promotional something on social media. I snapped my own photo, which she saw. “Since you took a photo, you have to be in a photo,” she said. So somewhere on Oreo’s social media promotion stuff, you may find two chagrined-looking men. I doubt we’ll bring in extra sales.

We then went to another place in the mall to get a French Press. Mine had gone the way of all the world after it was dashed against our kitchen tiles by a child who will remain unnamed. I was quite glad to have a replacement.

By that time, we were ready for lunch. I offered to get Percy lunch in the food court, and he was delighted because there is a China Wok there. He says he loves Chinese food. I had a cheeseburger. Typical me.

We spent our time talking about our faith. Their church’s practice is very similar to ours, even down to nonresistance and separation of church and state. There are some differences, but we both felt encouraged to share with another believer.

We then went welder hunting. Percy is hard to please when it comes to shopping. Everything is too expensive, but the cheap stuff is too… cheap! We finally settled on a welder that should be able to do all we need to do.

On the way home, Percy offered to stop by his sister’s house to see her plants. I was glad we did. They were beautiful. She said she’ll get some cuttings to me in a few weeks of some of them. That’s exciting.

I was also glad to visit his sister’s place because it is in one of those sections up in the hills surrounding Cusco where they cut houses into the hillside and essentially stack the houses on top of each other. I’ve been wanting to see them up close.

Naturally, we got home at sunset. Percy said he always thinks that a run to Cusco will only take a little while, but he always loses the whole day. That made me laugh because it’s exactly my experience.

Time to plow the garden
Percy and the Oreo lady
Which welder to buy?
Walking up to Percy’s sister’s house
Giant succulents

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