Inquilpata Market

We did chores a bit earlier than usual yesterday so we could get to market sooner. We had a lovely, clear day that was quite warm. I ended up with a sunburnt face.

We decided to take Merry and Bilbo in to sell. Last week there were no goats at the market, so we didn’t know what to expect. We were met at the entrance by several people surrounding the truck, wanting both bucks. We went ahead and sold them.

I later walked over to check and found them both for sale again. Turns out, there were many more goats this time, and the price was higher than we expected. The fellow who bought our bucks was able to make a nice profit right away.

Well, you learn something every time. I wasn’t too put out because I’d made a profit on them, but it does appear we can do better. I have quite a few bucklings, as you know, so I’ll probably sell them along the way as they get old enough to wean. That’s a comfort.

There were some very nice kids available for sale. I reinvested my buck money and got a doeling and buckling for breeding purposes. They should both be ready for next breeding season. The buckling should help give us some better milking does later.

The doeling will go to Dane. The oldest three now each have a doe of their own. Anne’s and Abbey’s does each have a kid. We’re wanting this to be a way for them to learn about money stuff and animal care with time.

The rest of the day was spent at the stand, selling baked goods and yogurt and milk. Things were slow, but we did get nearly everything sold by 1:00 in the afternoon.

Lucrecia came some time after we did and helped sell. She was a big help, interacting with lots of people she knew and keeping sales moving.

The president of the market came in the afternoon to shout at us awhile for not being at the meeting two weeks ago, which we explained we hadn’t known about. He said we cannot stay at the same location because they reorganized.

After talking with several committee members and getting a bunch of neighbors riled up, he gave us a place up at the other end, just inside the main door. That’s where we’ll be next week, Lord willing.

Percy and I hope to go in today to look at how to best deal with the lot. Our neighbors are sad to see us leave. They were saying whoever is given our spot must pay for the gravel we will leave. I doubt that will happen.

I don’t know how we will move the roof because the neighbors built their stuff on top of and against the roof we put up. I’m guessing we’ll have to leave most of what we have there in order not to destroy our neighboring vendors’ things.

Fun at the market!

P.S. Anne came along to help sell. She did pretty well. She said she met a lady when she was out selling small yogurts with Percy’s oldest daughter. The lady told her to tell her sister Jolynn that the “lady who sells lemons says hello.” I was impressed Anne understood that well enough to tell me when she got back to our stand.

Goodbye, Merry and Bilbo.
The new kids. Lucrecia is holding the buckling.
We had lots of visitors who stopped to talk.
Feeding the kids broccoli leaves
Headed home. Anne rode in the back.

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