Things to Do

Move roof at market: We did not move the roof at market on Saturday, after all. Percy wanted to go help his brother-in-law put on a roof, and I needed to study for a message. We decided to try the first of this week.

Dehorn Hazel: We named Dane’s new doeling Hazel. I guess she would be Hazel the Second since Hazel the First died from eating a rope. We keep calling various other goats Hazel by accident, so I figured if we named one Hazel intentionally, that would help. Anyhoo, she needs to be dehorned.

Buy goat feed: I had bought six very large bags of grains many moons ago. We’ve been mixing our own feed since then, but now we’re out. Pre-mixed feed is more than twice as expensive, so I plan to use whole grains again. I may get from them from the same fellow as before. I’m not sure yet.

Get suero from José: With things opening up more, I thought recently about getting suero from José. We haven’t seen them in a long time. They were all sick with Covid at one point, and their cheese factory was shut down, but I think it’s going now. I’d like to see them again.

Visit Alicia: Alicia was talking with Steph last week and asked about having a meal together. Either Steph or I want to visit her this week and then see about which day she’d like to visit us. She is terrifically hard to reach by phone.

Take Abbey to the Dentist: Abbey was flossing last week and somehow popped a filling out. Since then, her tooth has been bugging her. I think I remember losing a filling as a child. Abbey asked if she could go with Steph because that would be more special. So, they plan to go in tomorrow.

Plant alfalfa: The garden lot is ready now. We’re planning to plant either today or tomorrow. We haven’t had rain in a few days, but it’s pretty cloudy today. It’s a good time for planting.

Plant willows: I have a number of large willow saplings ready to plant. I’ve been holding off for this month so they could have plenty of rain. I want to give them the best chance of survival.

Meet with Abel: Abel has the cabinets done, but he ran into a problem. He put the final coat of lacquer on then it was rained on. He said last week that he needed to redo the lacquer top coat. I’m considering asking to move the cabinets here into the bodega, and then I can refinish them myself. Time never ends for the cabinet project.

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