Dead as a Door Nail

Percy has been working on the doors in the barn. Pretty well all of them are falling off their hinges. They were pretty heavy doors for the hinges carrying them, to begin with.

Percy seems to be enjoying himself immensely using the welder to make reinforced hinges. He apparently likes to weld. He was telling me about some other projects he noticed that could use attention with the welder. I’m glad he enjoys his work.

He finished the one big door yesterday. It is very nice to have it swinging freely now. That makes things easier for moving the cows in and out, for sure. The second door is more damaged, so it may take more work.

That was happy, but we also had some sadness. The new buckling I bought to raise up as a herd buck managed to get tangled up in his rope and was asphyxiated. I was pretty disappointed.

The children were distressed and wanted to figure out whose fault it was. They thought someone should be punished. At the least, the doe he was tied beside could be punished because she had been butting him.

It was a good chance for me to explain that bad things just happen sometimes. Anne asked me later in the day if I was sure the doe wouldn’t kill again. More explaining.

But how do I feel when things go wrong? How do I react? Do I think someone should pay for my troubles? I don’t think so, but I want to watch myself the next time something happens. Maybe their example isn’t what it should be.

The new hinge
Farewell, little guy.

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