And Down Came the House

Yesterday morning I took Steph to town as I normally do on Tuesdays. She took Abbey with her to take care of the missing filling in her tooth.

While she was in town, Dane and I did a bit of a spring cleaning in the kitchen. I also started a batch of yogurt. We’re hoping to sell more this Friday again.

After lunch, Percy and I went to Inquilpata to take down the little vendor shack. We weren’t allowed to reassemble it at the other location because the president said he wants to ask the other vendors if they are okay with us putting up a roof beside them.

So, we will use a temporary shelter from the sun until he gets back to us–or until we get an answer out of him. We are beside a whole row of roofed vendors, so I’m hopeful we can put up something more sturdy.

On the way over, we met Lucrecia walking. She hopped in with us and went along to market. Dane was along also. He was thrilled to be able to leave the house, and he was a big help.

Everything came down well. We loaded all the pieces into the back of the truck. Percy, Lucrecia, and Dane weighted it all down while I drove slowly home. Dane said that was his favorite part!

We stored the stuff in the bodega for now. I’m not sure what our setup needs to look like this coming Friday. The biggest thing we fought with was keeping the yogurt cool. We don’t have a cooler, and they aren’t sold in Izcuchaca. Maybe I’ll be able to find one the next time I’m in Cusco.

Dane helped haul stuff to the truck.

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