Doors and More

Percy has been working happily on all the things that he can find to weld. It seems most problems on the farm can be solved with the welder, from his perspective.

He does nice work from what I can tell. He says he will teach me to weld someday. I did not ask, and I’m not sure if I have a say in it.

Welding is a fascinating skill. I think it’s amazing what can be done with a bit of scrap metal and a welder. I cannot picture myself doing those amazing things, though. We shall see.

The thing I am most happy with is having a sturdy door on the pig pen. I’ve been coming up with uglier ideas over time for how to keep the pigs in, but they keep pushing out. Thankfully, they are very tame and easy to put back in. And thankfully, it has not been very often.

Now they have no hope of escape. That is happy news. Further good news is that we are able to get suero (cheese whey) from José again. We’re looking forward to fattening up the pigs more easily.

Not so happy news is that the lechero still has not tied his pigs, and today they got into our suero. Now we have less, and they have more. Percy said he’s just going to tie them himself. We had extra rope, so he went over this evening. I didn’t find out if he was successful.

The lechero has said for days or weeks that he’s buying rope “right now today.” But today never comes. I always before thought it was tomorrow that never came. You learn something new all the time.

P.S. I left my phone home today when I left for market; hence, no early post.

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