Still Sick

Yesterday was pretty miserable for me again. I didn’t feel too bad before chores. In fact, I had no cough. I think I’m actually getting to the end of this sickness.

But then I did chores. It was rather difficult to breathe, my head hurt, and I was nauseated by the time we were back inside. I was surprised at how late it was when we came in because we’d started on time.

After breakfast, I felt some better. I sat at the table to rest awhile because I didn’t want to accidentally fall asleep on the couch. Then I went up to get started on studying.

I worked until noon. I got some other planning done for next week and took care of some email that had been waiting before starting on the message. But for some reason, my heart rate was climbing. I went down and checked it to find it was almost as high as when I was working outside.

After three days of this, I could feel the heart itself and surrounding area was getting sore. Steph told me she thought I really ought to go to bed. I debated awhile, but eventually gave in.

I helped get the children down for their naps. Then I took another prednisone and went to bed. And there I lay until supper time. I got up a few times to check my heart rate or to get a drink. If I stayed up, so did my heart.

This morning, I’m pretty much the same, so I’ve decided to stay down all day after chores are through. Not looking forward to that, but I really want to give my body a chance to get well.

I don’t have any spare oxygen here. That would be a boost. I had thought we had one extra can, but I was wrong. I do have my inhaler, but I think the prednisone is doing all I need on that front. I just don’t have enough oxygen saturation to be active.

So, I will try to hold still awhile.

P.S. I did move the largest ducklings out yesterday. They were both happy to be out and terrified of Abbey’s drake. They will go to market or into the freezer in a month or so, I think.

The small ones left behind with the chick.
The large ones have their feathers for the most part. Abbey’s drake was already bellowing at them through the fence.
Abbey’s drake set to work bullying the one (apparently) young drake and breeding all the hens. The rooster wasn’t sure what to think.
After breakfast
Breathing steam with Vick’s menthol stuff in it seemed to help open my lungs.