Peruvian Politics and Peter and Maryann

Lord willing, Peter and Maryann will be arriving in Cusco this Friday afternoon. Current events in Peru make that look a bit… uncertain. I’ll explain what I’ve learned.

About a week ago, the Peruvian Congress brought allegations of bribery against sitting President Vizcarra, and he was impeached and removed from office by an overwhelming majority of Congress.

The Head of Congress, SeΓ±or Merino, was installed as the new President, allowing Congress rule of the country until the elections in April of next year.

Immediately, protests began. There is currently no evidence to support the allegations against President Vizcarra, and he was beloved by the people. There were riots and protests throughout the week in Lima, the Capital.

In the course of events, two people were shot and killed by police during a protest, which led to greater unrest. The people demanded the new President Merino, who they saw as a usurper, step down, which he did. He renounced the presidency less than a week after taking over.

It was said that he and his family were fleeing the country after an alleged failed coup, so borders and airports were closed. Numerous members of the current Congress resigned along with the short-lived President Merino.

Thus, the government is in chaos, as well as the people protesting in Lima. As far as I know, there is not currently a replacement President, and Congress was losing members at a rapid rate. Protests continue today in Lima.

I understand the airports are open again. In fact, I saw flights this morning headed from Lima to Cusco. At this point, it appears Peter and Maryann could fly into Lima and on to Cusco without trouble. There are no riots in our area of the country, to my knowledge.

But these things can change so quickly, as last week is a clear example. Please pray wisdom for Peter and Maryann as they look forward to their flights in just a few days.

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