In which I am Kidnapped and Hauled to the Doctor

I was feeling much improved yesterday morning, though still weak and out of breath. My cough was much less, but I decided on another slow day.

Steph needed to take Walter to get his next round of vaccines. She caught a combi to Fernando’s house, and Esmeralda accompanied her there. That all went smoothly.

Steph said Walter recognized the posta (clinic) as they arrived and appeared anxious and affronted, as if he couldn’t believe Steph would betray him yet again. Once in the room, he was whimpering and trying to get away from the table where the doctor was, but he didn’t go bananas.

Esmeralda said she was impressed at how our children are so calm and respectful to the doctor, even at such a young age. That was an encouragement to Steph who thought maybe Walter was fussing too much. Esmeralda said he wasn’t screaming or trying to climb the walls, so not to worry.

Steph returned and we decided I would not take her to town. Instead, she drove the truck in and planned to park at the Plaza while she did her shopping. She first stopped in to check on Elisabet who hasn’t been feeling well.

Rafael was scandalized that Steph was driving. He refused to let her take the truck back, taking the keys and bringing her home himself.

He then gave me a tongue lashing on why I was still sick and why I hadn’t seen a doctor and why I would let Steph risk her life to drive to town. It’s very uncommon for women to drive here.

He said he was taking me to the doctor right then. I did not think I needed to see a doctor, explaining my history with allergies and lung problems. I figured I needed a bit more rest, was all. Rafael was insistent, but I thanked him and said I’d rather stay home.

He left in a visible huff, marching up the lane. “What sort of friends are we if you will not accept help,” he asked.

I walked in and chatted with Steph quickly. I did not think I needed a doctor, but I certainly didn’t want to offend a friend, and I definitely didn’t want to appear arrogant or stubborn. I called Rafael.

I told him if he really wants to take me to Cusco, I’ll go, but that I don’t want him to be bothered. “I’ll be there in one minute, David.” I felt bad, seeing him jogging back down the lane.

So, to the doctor we went. He did not let up the whole way to Cusco, berating me for not taking care of myself and for being too proud to come to my friends for help and for putting Steph at risk of death. I tried diverting the conversation, but was unsuccessful. So, I tried to meekly accept the castigo.

At the doctor, we had a bit of wait. I went through the usual checks by nurses and had my data put in their system. Then, they took my blood and took x-rays of my lungs. We needed to return in an hour for the results. That would put us back at the doctor’s after 5:30.

I didn’t have shopping plans, but we needed to kill time. Rafael went one way to get supplies for the store, and I went to San Pedro to get a few random items.

While there, I learned from the vendors that they were voting in the new President in Lima soon. I was in a tienda when the President was sworn in and gave his acceptance speech. The lady told me to stand and listen to how beautiful his voice is.

“He is CusqueΓ±o, born and raised in the Cusco area. Listen to how slowly and simply be speaks. Now we will have a President we can understand and who understands us, not some Lima politician who speaks fast and deceives the people.”

Having a new President should mean the way will be open and without trouble for Peter and Maryann to come. That’s exciting!

Back to doctor I went. The results showed that I was low on oxygen, but I had no infection. The x-rays revealed clear lungs. The doctor said it appears I’m fighting a strong case of allergies. She gave me stronger anti-allergy meds and a steroid. She said it seems I was doing all the right things and simply needed rest.

Rafael was somewhat disappointed. He had been threatening that I would very likely receive multiple injections and may even be admitted to the hospital. He tried to convince the doctor that I was very ill, but she said she couldn’t argue with the blood or the x-rays.

On the way home, Rafael again rebuked me for not coming to him right away and commanded that I take my pills faithfully. “What if you would die, David?! Who would do all you’re supposed to do? You must take care of your health.”

Then I had a realization. He was going completely out of his way to save my health, but he was ignoring a far greater problem. I thanked him for his kindness and his example about how to care for my body, but I had a question for him.

“Rafael, you are so concerned about my health, but it is just my body. It will die someday. What about your soul? Why are you not doing everything you can to make your heart pure? Which is more important?”

He was quiet a moment. “Tienes razΓ³n, David. You’re right. I want to do what’s right. We have plans to get married. I want to obey God. But it’s hard.”

“Well, do I need to come tie you up and drag you away until you are ready to do what’s right?” I threatened.

He laughed at that. “We will get married, David. We’ll do what’s right. But it takes time.”

I left him with his thoughts. I was tired and didn’t feel up to talking much, anyway. And I figured the Holy Spirit could do the talking the rest of the way home.

Looking forward to seeing me get my shots. 😐
Happy office decorations
Losing my precious blood! Rafael seemed slightly disappointed I didn’t faint.
X-rays. Notice that there are no protections against radiation. Rafael and the technician were both exposed.
Blood results. The most alarming point was that they show I’m a female.
Doctor checking the x-rays.
There are more foreigners in Cusco again. Lots of drifters come to Cusco for enlightenment.

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