Preparing for Peter’s

Different times this week I thought about Edwin Markham’s poem “How the Great Guest Came.” We have been busy with feet astir, un-Strewing the floor with branches of fir. The wall is washed and the shelf is shined, And in the upstairs the bed is lined. Et cetera.

We’ve enjoyed working together to get some spring cleaning done in advance of their arrival. It’s a strategic choice when to clean up a house for guests when that house contains six young children. But I think we’re good to go.

I’m currently at market, holding the stand space until Lucrecia can come replace me. I have several things I need to do in Cusco before picking up Peter and Maryann this afternoon. Their flight is scheduled to arrive before 2:00.

The day feels like it is filling up pretty quickly. I need to get a particular part from the Nissan shop in Cusco to replace the rain guards on the windows from where Percy and I broke into the truck the other week. That probably will take the most time.

Rafael wants to accompany me to Cusco to help with a few things, including picking up Peter’s. He wasn’t sure last night that he’d have time, but I think he considers it an honor to welcome our guests, so he’s putting extra effort into making it work. He messaged me early this morning to say he was out on deliveries so he could be ready by mid-morning when I hope to leave.

Also, this afternoon is supposedly when we are to pick up the cabinets from Abel. Timing is everything! It looks like I may be installing a new kitchen while Peter is here. It has been over a year that we’ve waited. We shall see.

We all are very excited to see visitors. Peter and Maryann were able to let us know last night that they’re on the way. Their New York to Lima flight was rerouted due to low fuel, so they were rescheduled for that arrival, but they had plenty of time in Lima before this afternoon’s Cusco flight. In fact, they should be in Lima now.

We’re also excited to see what trinkets you all sent our way. Anne and Abbey are alternating between hoping they get letters and knowing with despair that no one will have thought to write them. A little bird told me some were coming, so I think their wait will be rewarded.

We look forward to seeing you this afternoon, even though you’ll be arriving in boxes and bags. Our hearts are full just thinking of it.

Walter was sure he was helping.
Snack table
At market
The market president has a lot of work settling arguments over spaces.