Peter and Maryann Made It!

Yesterday was long and full. I wanted to get into market about an hour earlier than last week, so I naturally overslept. Even with oversleeping, Percy and I were ready to pull out not long after 6:30. He went with me to help set up the table.

But when we arrived, there was a seΓ±ora already set up under the carpa we’d set up the night before. She was not at all happy with the idea that we thought we belonged there. She immediately began shouting about us having no rights and that we hadn’t even talked to the president.

Percy tried convincing her, but we both soon agreed to move the tent. The lady and her husband completely ignored us as we lifted the poles over their heads. We had to ask two other people to grab the other two corners.

A moment after we were settled, the president came and barked at the lady on the other side of us about being under the edge of our carpa. Poor thing couldn’t help it now. I rushed to her aid and said if the president didn’t mind, she could stay. He said she could as long as I was okay with it.

That seemed to change the tune of the lady now above us. She and her husband were rather sweet after Percy left. The man came over and taught me ten words in Quechua, which I immediately forgot. He said he’ll teach me more next week.

Percy took the truck and finished up chores and what not before bringing Lucrecia around 8:00. I then loaded up and went home to gather my stuff for Cusco. Anne and Abbey were ready by then to go into the market. I dropped them off with more bread and the fresh goats milk, then headed into town.

Since I started on my strong anti-allergy medications, I have been suffering severely from gastrointestinal pain. I have been sleeping more or less upright to fight the acid reflux, but the hiccups and burping have been nearly nonstop, too. Terribly painful after three days! It burned to eat or drink anything.

I messaged a friend with allergy issues and asked him for advice. He immediately recognized the symptoms and told me what I needed to counter the issue, even finding the Spanish name for the meds. I went straight to the pharmacy, and they had the pills! Within ten minutes, I was feeling fifty percent better. This morning, I’m almost back to normal. Pills for taking pills!

I then stopped and got two Bitel chips to give to Peter and Maryann to use in their phones while here. (Sadly, their phones rejected them for one reason or another. But they can use my phone as a hot spot.) Then, on to pick up Rafael.

We went first to Serpost to see if a package from Steph’s sister had arrived. Nothing yet. Has it been a month yet? We’re a bit worried it’s just lost. They gave us options for finding lost packages. Rafael went searching up and down the streets near the airport before finding that small office, but they could do nothing without a tracking number.

Next, we went to find some trim pieces for the truck doors from when Percy and I had had to break into it to get the keys. We found the Nissan dealer. They said they can have them here next week for around S/1,500 or $500! I looked online and found them for under $50 in the States. That will just wait.

We then went hunting for some baking supplies for Steph. There weren’t good parking spots, so Rafael drove around, avoiding meter maids, while I ran in here and there to pick up stuff.

Last thing we wanted before the airport pick-up was a turkey, but a turkey we could not find. The supermercados usually have frozen turkeys this time of year, but everywhere we went, they said the turkeys haven’t arrived yet. Maybe they will next week.

In between stops, Rafael was able to do a bit of shopping for store supplies. We were parked at the chicken distributing plant, which is located at the end of the airport runway incidentally, when Peter’s plane came in. That was neat to see.

The airport allowed no vehicles or people in. For the umpteenth time that day, I was glad Rafael was along. He took the truck, and I went on foot to talk with the guards who told me where to stand to wait. I could see Peter and Maryann far down by the airport doors and managed to snap a picture through the concrete barrier.

A kind guard up at the top gate saw me waving to get Peter’s attention and asked if they were my friends. When I told him yes, he went all the way down the hill and told the other passengers to move out of the way so Peter’s could go through the line before them. Bless his heart.

I felt badly not being able to help as they hauled the many suitcases up the hill. Not a great welcome to the elevation of Cusco! As soon as I could reach over the wall, I grabbed several bags. Rafael was parked not terribly far up the street with the truck.

We loaded up and went to get food. Rafael and I were starving. By this time, it was after 2:00. We stopped at a chifa restaurant and ordered orange pineapple chicken and rice. And then it began to rain.

Peter had brought some cash down for me, so we went to the bank to make a deposit right away. While I was in the bank, Peter and Rafael bought plastic from a ferreterΓ­a and covered up the suitcases and purchases. Then off to Izcuchaca! Poor Rafael didn’t get to eat with all the driving.

The plastic made the rain stop, which made for smooth travels. We dropped Rafael off before going to Victoria’s store. She seemed pleased that she got to meet Peter and Maryann and gave us packs of crackers to dip in our coffee to celebrate at home.

I grabbed a few supplies from her and walked down the street to get manteca, then we headed to Inquilpata, arriving just after Lucrecia had taken down the carpa. We loaded the things up on top of the suitcases. I gave Lucrecia money for a combi to bring herself and the girls home.

And then we were home, arriving at 4:20. We drank coca tea and talked until the girls got home, then it was time to open suitcases!

Thank you to everyone who shared letters and cards and trinkets and toys. The children were delighted. And thank you for the food items–candy, chocolate, coffee, cheese, and more! It was hard to keep track of what all came from where.

My father-in-law sent down a set of tools, which will be a big help on the farm. I can’t wait to see how pleased Percy will be to see them on the tool shelf. We also ordered a coffee pot, but my transformer was too small for it and immediately burned up. Not sure where I’ll be able to find a heavy duty coffee pot transformer, but apparently that’s a thing.

Soup for supper followed by singing. We had four-part harmony! That was such a joy. A bit more talking, then it was bedtime. Peter looked like he needed it.

It was Garralina’s due date yesterday. We put her tub beside the boys’ bed upstairs where she had her last kittens. She kept climbing out onto the bed, but after we went to sleep, she had her four kittens. And in her tub! Good girl.

Quite the day.

Trying to get out of market to go to Cusco
Tight parking space at the Nissan dealership
The search for lost packages ended here. πŸ™‚
Can you see them?
First things first, let’s read in Spanish.
Steph’s pile of goodies. 😊
My chair