No Water for Peter’s

We had a relaxing day for the most part yesterday. Peter and Maryann joined us for morning chores, which the children enjoyed. The kids had gotten into the chicken pen a couple days ago, so Peter worked on shoring up that fence while we milked.

Maryann went with Steph while she did her usual morning tour of the field, checking the fence. Then they went inside to make pancakes for breakfast. Juanito was especially happy to have peanut butter for breakfast!

After breakfast, Peter went upstairs to study for the Sunday message, while I helped put more little things in order from what we had received from the States. It was quite enjoyable to have a Saturday without the responsibility of studying to preach or the other option of being sick.

Later, I spent some time trying to help Peter figure out how to make his and Maryann’s phones accept the Peruvian chip. We never could get his phone to accept the change. It appears that it may not be unlocked for foreign use. We did get Maryann’s to work partway. She could make up to three-minute phone calls! And she also could message via WhatsApp. They were happy to connect with their children in the States.

After lunch and naps, Peter looked over the water heater. He has a knack for discovering small problems in small machines, and we hoped that it might show itself with this issue. But while he was studying the machine, we ran out of water! I was thankful we discovered it at the moment.

I jumped on Dane’s bike and rode up to the other house, which I realized was a bad idea after the fact. I was completely out of breath when I got there to turn off the pump. But, behold! The extra key was gone to Percy’s house, having escaped in his pocket.

So, I jogged down to the house, choosing my slower legs over pushing the bike. I probably should have walked. By the time I got back to the upper house–walking this time–I was coughing and wheezing.

I shut off the pump and looked for running water, but found no evidence of a loss. Dane and Peter helped me check everything. Water was trickling into the empty tank. I decided to leave the tank for a few hours and come back to check.

I felt so winded when I got back that I dug out my inhaler and took a few puffs on that and then sat to rest. Since Peter was not winded, I convinced him to carry out a sack of sugar to the bodega. I paid him by making him a mango-piΓ±a shake.

We then worked on what Saturday cleaning we needed to. I didn’t do much more than help organize children occasionally, honestly.

Before supper, Peter and I walked up to check on the water situation. Turns out that earlier the ladies had gone up to take pictures of the house to send to Beulah to give her an idea of what’s still there. Lamar’s are hoping for some things to come back to the States with Peter’s.

While they were up there, a toilet was used and the flapper became stuck open. There was our leak! Sadly, we’d also lost all the water that had been going into the tank during the afternoon. I switched valves so we’d have mountain water for the evening. We decided to skip showers for the night.

Rafael and Elisabet came for supper. Steph made hamburgers, which were amazing with cheese from the States! Finger-licking good! After devotions (I cannot get over the joy of having others to sing with), we adults played 10,000 while the children either washed dishes or worked at pulling the house down around our ears.

The night got away from us while we played and talked. The game is just slow enough to give us opportunity to share stories. I so much enjoyed talking Spanish with Peter’s there. For some reason, it felt much easier. I think they were quick to supply a word when I was struggling, and that made the talking fun instead of work!

I worked at getting the children into bed while we sat around the table enjoying chocolate ice cream Steph had whipped up for us. Poor Steph. She was more than ready for bed by the time Rafael’s left at 10:30.

Unfortunately, the children were not yet asleep. They are used to me coming up to sit with them every night until they fall off, but I’d tried sending them up on their own this time. Poor things didn’t get to sleep until about 11:00. They will be ready for a nap this afternoon. I guess if that happens once or twice a year, it might not be the end of the world.

I adjusted the water heater so that it made just under scalding water for a shower for Steph. Then someone upstairs flushed a toilet, and the pressure lowered enough to give fully scalding water. But we had hot water instead of cold! What a blessing.

I’m grateful it was only a toilet flapper problem and not a broken pipe or a cleaning of the tank in Conchacalla. This morning I went up and found a full tank and a functioning pump once turned back on, praise the Lord. All’s well that ends well.

Peter, under his load of sugar. Being a solid block makes it tough to haul.
Rafael would not let me drink pop, but I got away with coffee.