Peter and Maryann Have Gone

Yesterday was not a very full day, which was nice. Peter helped me haul trash before breakfast, and then he and I did a quick run into town in the morning to look for churros, but there weren’t any. We did pick up a few other items.

The ladies worked on packing up suitcases for Beulah. They coordinated with her about some things they could use in the States. We were glad Peter’s would be able to help Lamar’s out, too.

Steph also found time to bake cupcakes. We are hoping to sell at the Compone market on Thursday as well as the Inquilpata market on Friday. Lucrecia asked if she could do both of them, which is encouraging.

Rafael and Elisabet went to great lengths to provide two excellent specimens of cuy (guinea pig) for supper. It took them many attempts before finding young ones. They didn’t want Peter’s to have their first experience be a viejito that was tough.

They then brought the cuy in the evening and also found churros for dessert. Churros are made from pumpkin. We really enjoy them. If you visit, I’ll make sure you get one.

The cuy were exceptionally tasty this time, with just the right amount of herbs and spices. The meal included noodles and potatoes, also. Rafael refused to let me pay. He wanted it to be his gift to Peter and Maryann.

We didn’t keep Peter’s up very late because they wanted to leave by 6:30 the next morning. We enjoyed a bit of conversation and then wished them a good night. But that wish wasn’t granted.

Peter was sick through the night. Maryann thought it could be because the guinea pig claw got stuck in the wrong spot. The poor man was afflicted with vomiting.

We delayed our departure this morning as long as we dared, but we finally had to leave. Peter was miserable, but he endured it bravely. I armed him with a bucket for the trip to the airport. Sadly, he had to use it more than once.

But we did make it to the airport on time. Peter was ill yet, but felt able to travel. I saw them off at the gate. I felt so bad leaving them in that condition, but I felt confident they would be okay.

Their time here was a complete joy for us. We loved, loved, loved the fellowship and the singing. We even enjoyed our Spanish conversations together–they were actually fun to speak Spanish with.

Their sacrifice was our gain. I hope we were able to show a measure of our gratitude to them. The rainbow of their visit will hang over us for a long while. 🌈

Speaking of which, it is raining. We haven’t had good rain in weeks, but tonight it began. I am praying it continues. Things are very dry here.

Cupcakes for market
Cuy / guinea pig
The fateful claw
Suffering Peter