In Place of a Turkey

Last week when I was in Cusco, I had no success in finding a frozen turkey. Various people said they should arrive this week, so I had planned to get one after dropping Peter’s off at the airport.

But recently we moved the young ducks into the main flock, and they have ever since been persecuted. Abbey’s big drake was constantly harassing them. He was a very rough king of the barnyard, even chasing and biting our big rooster.

So, I had the idea that it would be good on multiple accounts to use him as our turkey. Abbey agreed that he was too mean to the young ducks, and she was happy to give him up.

That allowed me to come straight home. I did stop at the Wednesday market in Izcuchaca and took a couple of hours to buy about half a ton of grain. Our last batch of grain lasted quite a few months, but I needed to replace it. I got about half as much this time.

Back at home, we got the boys down for naps, then the girls and I butchered the drake. I dipped him in scalding water with some soap, and his feathers came right off.

I then whipped up a brine of onions, garlic, lemon, vinegar, butter, soy, and lots of spices. Into a bag with the brine went the drake. I plan to bake him today.

Shawn and Seth went with me to sell bread in the afternoon. I grabbed a bunch of fresh vegetables for today’s Thanksgiving meal. I’m not totally sure what all I want to make. Steph will likely create the menu.

Seth gave me a scare in town. While I was loading up veggies into the truck, he walked around the truck onto the main street to get in. That is extremely dangerous, even for a big person. Traffic is crazy.

But a lady noticed and yelled at me and yelled at Seth, and I was able to get around the truck in time to get him before a semi came roaring down the street. I was a bit shaken.

After supper, I worked up a batch of chocolate cupcakes. Lucrecia had asked if she could sell for me at Compone today, so I wanted some extra things to send along. They turned out very nicely.

All the boys ended up in our room after the thunderstorm blew open their window. They were all slightly wet and very awake.

Dane said, “I could have been killed because the lightning could come in once the window blew open!” That made me laugh.

We had a long and heavy rain. It was beautiful. I’m sorry Peter’s couldn’t see the mountains with fresh snow this morning. They just missed it.

Market is getting pretty full of late.
Weighing out oats
Hauling in the feed
Last hug
The main mix
Into the bag
Marinating in the fridge