New Customers

Percy and I tried going to market Thursday evening to set up the tent, but the gates were locked. Maybe they were closed for Thanksgiving. That meant we needed to go early Friday morning.

We left around 6:00. I was relieved to see the unhappy lady from last week was not yet set up. We were getting our tent in place when Lucrecia showed up, which was a bit surprising. I had been expecting her closer to 8:00.

I was able to get home and help finish up chores. Chores are a little more difficult than usual just now because our very oldest goat Ruby has mastitis in one teat. I’m treating her with both intramuscular and intramammary antibiotics. She may pull through.

I had some writing I needed to do, so I spent a few hours on that. The girls both wanted to go help Lucrecia, and we didn’t have any big projects at home, so I took them close to 11:00. I was able to get my writing done before going to pick them up again after 2:30.

As soon as I got home from market, I loaded the other bread and milk up and headed to Izcuchaca. Dane went along this time. We did our usual drops before stopping in at Abel’s.

The cabinets are done, he says. He wanted to install them on Sunday, but I told him that would be impossible because it is the Lord’s day. So, we are scheduled for Monday afternoon. That’s exciting.

While I was at Abel’s, I received a message from Rafael saying a lawyer lady was wanting goat milk and a message from Elisabet saying a store owner wanted bread. Thankfully, I had enough for both.

The lawyer asked me to come each time I’m in town to her office with milk and bread. The store lady said she’d like to try selling our bread at her store. I’m supposed to bring her a larger amount next week to try. That could be a nice boost.

I stopped at the usual vet supply store to get mastitis meds for Ruby. The owner asked if I had milk. I had only one liter left. She bought that and ordered two liters for Monday! I will soon have more customers than I have milk, which might be a nice problem to have.

Our goats won’t be freshening again until around next June, and they will be dry awhile before that, so we will have some down time. I do have Agnes freshening in January and Alice and Ingrid in February, but that won’t be enough to carry us through for all the customers.

That said, next season we may have fifteen in milk instead of ten, which would be more milk. I may find a couple more does yet before January to add, but I don’t think we’ll go over twenty for now.

Bit by bit we’re getting there. The milk money is now covering the goat costs, but we still need to pay for having bought the goats and for buying a few more. If I can get the bucklings sold, that will help with those costs. The Lord is providing!

P.S. We had lots more rain last night!

Packing cupcakes for market
Setting up the tent
Ready to go!
The kids have not been staying in the field lately.
Beautiful rain yesterday

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