Steph Was Sick

Steph said she awoke around 3:00 in the morning to nausea. That began a long day for her, poor thing. Dane followed in her footsteps during chores, so they were both on the couch during breakfast.

But by lunch, Dane was fine. He was able to help with the Saturday cleaning and ate a big lunch. He bounced back in about six hours.

Steph was not so fortunate. She appeared half-dead for most of the day. I wondered if her misery wasn’t compounded because she was already dealing with her pregnancy sickness feelings.

The trouble for her was that she was supposed to decorate a cake for Rafael’s birthday today. She absolutely couldn’t during the day, and there was nothing I could do to help. But after supper she felt strong enough and knocked it out. She seems to be back to her normal self today.

I created a checklist of Saturday cleaning for the children and set timers. I worked on my sermon between checking on the tasks. Shawn helped keep track of Walter while we all worked.

We managed to get everything except the laundry done before naps. Percy’s brother Alejandro came right at lunch time to look at buying heifers, so lunch became late. After naps, Percy and I ran to get suero from José and to stop in to check on Alicia.

We had rain throughout the afternoon and all night long. I waited to wake the children this morning to see if the rain would stop, and it did by 6:30. We’re nearing a full week of rain every day. Things are getting green again.

Abbey helped fry the pancakes.
Shawn filled water bottles.
Steph worked on existing.
Rainy morning
Starting to green up again
The corn field across the way is pretty yellow and short.