Update on Maritza

Her condition is not improving. The doctors elected not to do surgery overnight because they felt the case was outside of their ability to handle.

I am expecting to hear anytime now what the decision for the day will be. They are considering a transfer to Lima for a final test and surgery, but that hasn’t been finalized yet one way or the other.

Maritza isn’t fully aware of what’s transpiring. Her mind appears to be slipping with time. She sometimes doesn’t know people or understand instructions.

Rafael and his brother William are distraught. Their grandmother died on their mom’s birthday, and they say Rafael has the same bad luck as his mom. They were sure she would die last night, but God chose differently.

I was able to be with Rafael until after midnight. He let me pray for him before they transferred his mom for the second time last night. He just cries and cries.

I then took William and his girlfriend home. He needed to find some documents for his mom. With that, I took him to the final hospital last night. Rafael had gone in the ambulance with his mom.

I then brought Elisabet back to Izcuchaca because we were not allowed in the hospital. We were stopped by police in Poroy for breaking curfew. They were insistent on giving me a ticket, but with evidence of the paperwork and the pictures I had taken, they allowed us to pass eventually. I got home around 2:00 this morning.

Continue to pray for the family. And pray that I would know how best to help show love in the situation.

Waiting on news of an available bed in the next hospital
Trying to find documents in their mom’s purse
Preparing for the ambulance ride