No Change with Maritza

Yesterday Rafael said they were looking for a bed in Lima, but the hospitals they were asking were full. They have uncles in Lima who are out trying to find a hospital who will accept Maritza for surgery. Everything is full in Lima because of the virus, they said.

Rafael and William are planning to fly to Lima once the bed is secured. If I understand correctly, Maritza will also fly. For now, she is still in the hospital in Cusco on IV to keep her blood pressure down and to help her rest.

I don’t understand why the patient’s family is having to find the hospital bed. I don’t know if the Cusco hospitals are helping with that part or not, but it was sounding like they weren’t.

They gave up hope of a flight to Lima yesterday. Rafael and William went home. Maritza had improved to the point that her mind seems to have returned. They have her on some sort of medication to help.

She has not died as they feared and has instead shown improvement. I think God is honoring the prayers of the saints.

They will continue trying to find a bed in Lima today. The doctors say that she definitely must have surgery for whatever is causing the bleeding on the brain. How they have not had surgery by now if it is truly that dangerous I do not understand.

Thank you for your continued prayers.

P.S. We are still enjoying daily rains. I’ll include some of those pictures.

P.P.S. Percy and I helped the neighbor get two of their cows out of the ditch. Yep, it’s rainy season.

Rain coming over the mountain
Headed out with the truck
First one out
Second one just before the last pull.