We’re All Better

Well, I’m happy to say the stomach bug seems to be gone. As is usually the case, once I get it, I usually respond worse than the others. I’d like to think that it’s because the bug has to wear through layers and layers of manliness before bringing me to my knees from which it takes heroic effort to recover.

But I may just be a wimp. One or the other must be true.

We did not go to market today. I felt it wasn’t wise with how I’d been feeling, and I hadn’t had time or energy to prepare. So, we get a week off. Turns out it rained all morning, making it feel even better to not to be out.

I did go out to town to sell this afternoon. Abbey and Dane went with me. We happened to meet Fernando, Esmeralda, and María Gracia while I was talking with Abel about why he had not shown up yesterday.

Abbey and Dane went over to the park in front of Abel’s house to play on the swings with María Gracia while Fernando accompanied me to see the cabinets. Fernando insisted that we take the cabinets then and there, but Abel said he couldn’t install them until Tuesday. Fernando said he’s coming back with me Tuesday morning to get them.

Abel kept repeating fearfully that the cabinets were or would be 100% ready by then. Fernando towered over him and told him they had better be. So, I guess I’ll pick up Fernando Tuesday morning for a trip to town.

Rafael is in Cusco with his mom. He and William are taking turns by days. The doctors at the hospital said they ran out of the medication she needs to keep the bleeding stopped or slowed, so they told Rafael and William to go looking for some in the city. I find that bizarre.

They are distressed by how her reasoning seems to be going backward again. Rafael asked if he could pray with her, but she says she doesn’t believe in prayer. Rafael told her if she’s ever going to believe in God, it needs to be now. But she says she doesn’t need to believe because she’s catholic.

Elisabet said today that is really dragging Rafael down. He’s afraid his mom isn’t ready to meet God, but she doesn’t seem to care. Elisabet told him to pray over his mom anyway, but he said he’ll have to Google how to pray.

I explained what prayer is and how God is not a mystery far away but wants to be a Father close to us. I recommended to Rafael to take this extra time where he is forced to sit and use it to read the Bible to find the answers he needs, pointing him to some specific places. He said he will.

They are fearful and know they need God, but they don’t know how to find Him. Pray that the Holy Spirit would lead them to truth through this difficult time.

They are still awaiting a bed in Lima.

Thunder storms
We sit in the dark when the lights go out.
Abbey and María Gracia on the seesaw