Thanking Sponsors

I did not get a post out yesterday. I was planning to do an update on some goats, but we ran into various crises. This would have been yesterday’s post, but…

First of all, Dane tried to get a goat out to milk, but the goats mutinied and all came rushing out at once. After we got them back in, we started milking. But Seth found that boring, so he went and opened the gate, and all the goats went stampeding out again!

After we got them all back in–and the milk cleaned up that was trampled and spilled–we got back to it. I told the children not to let the kids out so that I could take pictures. Naturally, they were let out and went screaming all around.

It was chaos like we haven’t had in–ever. And we shall endeavor never to have it again.

I collected the last of the pictures this morning. Abbey was my assistant. These pictures are all the sponsored goats. You may not have seen them in awhile, but I send personal emails from time to time to their adoptive friends from far away.

Thank you to all our sponsors. Not all of you have a goat–yet–but we are deeply grateful for your support. We often talk about you as a family, and the children know who belongs to whom. Blessings of love from all of us.

This is Glenda. Her sponsor is… Glenda. ๐Ÿ™‚ It made the children very happy to name her Glenda. She’s our only red doeling.
Miss Glenda
This is S’mores. Her sponsor is Wyan and family. Her twin is Marshmallow. S’mores used to be dark brown, but the sun has bleached her out.
S’mores finds hair delicious. She’s getting too heavy to carry., which means she’s growing well. Her mom Agnes is bred back for January.
This is Flicka. Her sponsor is Nathan and family. She is older than the other doelings, but they are passing her in size. She was our smallest kid last season.
Flicka is calm and sweet. She likes running up to children for scratches, one of the few goats who does.
This is Pauline. Her sponsor is James and Pauline. ๐Ÿ™‚ She is our oldest doeling and looks ready for next season. She was our last bottle baby.
Pauline loves to jump up on the walls whenever she gets out–which she does often! She’s mischievous.
This is Chloe, Anne’s dog. But, do you see Pauline in the background?
This is Mildred. Mildred used to be a goat when we bought her as a kid, but she grew up to be a sheep. Her sponsor is Ruth. Ruth is aware that Mildred will be leaving the farm and will be replaced with Mildred 2.0 who we hope will remain a goat all her life.
Mildred used to be wild as a deer but has calmed down a lot.
This is Opal. Her sponsor is Andrea. She is a great milker, now giving nearly three liters on heavy mornings. This is her first kidding, so she could give more milk next time.
Opal is probably our calmest goat. She’s very sweet and loves neck scratches.
This is Enoch. His sponsor is Jeremiah. He’s our only sponsored buck at the moment. He will replace Merry as herd buck this next season.
Because he’s a herd buck, he gets a mix of grain every day to help him reach a good size. He’s growing beautifully. His mom is a good milker.