Walter and Family Came to Church

Alicia did not answer my calls, so I was feeling unsure how yesterday morning might go. Another time that happened, I arrived at her house to find she had forgotten it was Sunday. Church was very late that day.

But only minutes before I was ready to leave, Walter messaged. He and his family were at Alicia’s for the weekend and wondered if they could come for church. We were all excited to have them visit as we haven’t seen their family since before the pandemic.

When they arrived, I asked Walter if he would like to choose the songs for the service. He seemed pleased to do that and choose songs that went well with the message, which was about the Temptations of Jesus.

We very much enjoyed having other believers with us for the morning. Esmeralda never answered Stephanie, so we do not know what happened with her. We know it is hard for her when she cannot attend.

After the service, we invited Walter’s to stay for lunch, and they accepted. We had had just enough time that Steph could get more chicken out of the freezer and more potatoes into the pot before they arrived, so there was plenty for lunch.

Evita and Alicia washed dishes, which made Anne and Abbey’s day. Dane’s day was made by having other boys to play with. I made coffee and ice cream for dessert since it seemed like a special enough occasion for something extra.

They left mid-afternoon because Walter wanted to buy a few things at a ferreterΓ­a for a project at his mom’s place. I’m not sure what all he planned to do in the rain.

We have made it to the twelfth consecutive day of rain. We still think it looks beautiful; though, it really makes it difficult for Steph to get laundry dry. Even indoors the laundry doesn’t want to dry because of the humidity.

Thank you to the several readers who sent us bagel recipes. We’re not sure which to try first. I told Abbey we had a bagel recipe, and her response was typical for her. She shrieked and ran from the room, yelling for Anne to hear the joyous news, followed by more shrieking from both of them in the distance.

I hope something today makes you as happy as the idea of bagels and cream cheese does for our girls.

P.S. There has been no change with Maritza other than Rafael being very tired and worn out emotionally. He did say he was reading his Bible Saturday. Keep praying.

Caleb and Jared loved playing with Waltercito.
Playing outside before the rain began
Saying goodbye
Rafael, Maritza, and William a few months ago