They Found a Bed for Maritza… Maybe

The doctors said yesterday that they found a bed for Maritza in Lima and should be able to move ahead with surgery. But they don’t know when. Maybe the end of this week, maybe next week. No one seems to know.

Maritza is worsening. She can still talk when she’s awake, but she often doesn’t know where she is. She sometimes doesn’t recognize her sons. She doesn’t walk anymore, so she can no longer go to the restroom herself.

The doctors told Rafael and William to prepare themselves for the worst. They said she is a high-risk case, and it is highly likely she will not survive.

The messaging is very confusing to me. On one hand, they say she needs emergency surgery. On the other hand, they have no idea when they will schedule surgery and seem to be in no hurry. It almost feels like the doctors gave up on her case. It is easy to imagine they are delaying to see if they can avoid the costly transfer and surgery in Cusco. But maybe that’s too negative a view.

They took brain scans again, which show the bleeding is increasing and putting greater and greater pressure on her brain. The doctors say this is why she’s losing function and changing personality.

Rafael is in a very low place. I worry for him. He knows a good bit about God, but he hasn’t chosen to give his life to the Lord. He is alone in a very dark and difficult situation without hope. I’m trying to stay in touch with him, but I haven’t seen him in about a week because he is often in Cusco.

Continue to pray for the situation. I do not know what God wants to happen, but we can pray that He would help arrange circumstances for His glory and the greatest good. And pray that Rafael can find God through this process.

The white area on the right side is the bleeding.