Should I Fly to Lima?

Yesterday, I picked up Fernando around 9:00. We went in to meet Abel, but–SHOCKER–he wasn’t there. His mother-in-law was there, and it turns out she is a dear friend of Fernando’s. They didn’t realize the connections before.

That seemed to make a difference. She told us bluntly that Abel was out drinking and dancing with friends after having gone to mass to celebrate something to do with the Patroness Virgen of Anta.

The lady called Abel a few times, but he didn’t answer. I called and got the same result. So, we stood and talked about what we could do. Fernando and the mother-in-law were both in favor of going to find a lawyer. Then Abel called.

He told me he was at a religious event. I had the phone on speakerphone so Fernando could hear. The mother-in-law was scoffing in the background while Abel talked, then she took the phone away from me and told him to get here now because Sr. Juan David had brought her dear friend along, and we were waiting.

With some back and forth, we finally agreed that Abel could bring the cabinets the next day. He would finish celebrating by the afternoon and finish the details on the cabinets that night and deliver them the next morning. The lady said she’d get him out of bed herself if she had to, and I believe it.

So, we headed home without cabinets. Fernando said since we were out, we should stop to get the truck repaired from where I’d crashed it the first day after I’d bought it. We went to a mechanic friend of his, and he said he could fix it right then. We left the truck to come back later.

I went back in the afternoon, walking out to the road to grab a combi just as the rain began. I got only mildly wet. The truck was ready and looked good as new. It cost about $40 in total to fix the door and side post.

I then went up to Rafael’s to get some bolts for making a cheese press. Behold! Rafael was there. I hadn’t seen him in awhile. I stayed and talked.

In the course of conversation, it came up about his mom going to Lima soon, hopefully. Steph and I had talked about this. I asked Rafael if he’d want me with him during and after the surgery. He teared up and said he very much did. He doesn’t want to be alone afterward.

He said he would let me know as soon as he finds out when the surgery will be, and we will buy tickets together if we can. So, it looks like I may be traveling soon. When? I don’t know.

I need to arrange with Percy to be ready to do chores while I’m gone. That shouldn’t be a problem.

I don’t like the idea of leaving Steph alone with the children, but they should be okay for a day or so. I do want to be there for Rafael, particularly if his mom doesn’t make it. I don’t know if I will have a chance to talk with Sra. Maritza, but if I do, please pray that God gives me wisdom for what to say.

On the way home, I went on to Jose’s and picked up suero. Our pig is getting rather round now that she’s back on suero. I think she’s due to farrow the first of January, so her piggies should be growing pretty well, too.

I take in our sencillo from selling cupcakes, which always makes Rafael happy. They never have enough change at the store.
The repaired door
Shawn helped me unload the buckets.