Cabinets – Part 2

Percy and I worked on various things in the kitchen to get things in order. I plumbed in the sink. Percy ran lines for hot water. I moved in the appliances and utensils. Percy moved a receptacle.

Abel had said he planned to return to finish up, but by mid-afternoon he hadn’t shown up, so I gave him a call. He said he’d be here at 5:00 and could I please come pick him up because he didn’t want to take a taxi. I said I would.

I showed up around 4:30, but he wasn’t ready. He said he needed un minutito (one little minute). Well, I waited over thirty little minutes before he was ready. “Señor David, the time just flies! Doesn’t it!”

I was honestly feeling grumpy by that point. Haven’t I waited long enough for this man? It feels like I’ve done everything I could for him besides making the cabinets myself. Anyway, I took a deep breath and tried to be pleasant, remembering that my time is the Lord’s.

And the Lord was faithful. Just as we got going again, a rainbow appeared in the sky. “Señor David, I’ve always wondered why there are rainbows. Do you know why?”

So, I told Abel the story of Noah and the Ark and the judgment of God on the earth. Abel said he’d never heard that story before, so I told him where he could find it in the Bible.

Then I told him that God promised that the earth would end someday, but not by water, by fire. I told him what Jesus said about “as in the days of Noah” and what some of the prophecies are.

“Señor David! No me digas! Don’t tell me that! It sounds like the end of time is almost here! What will we do?!”

So, I told him what God expects of us and where he can find answers in the Bible. He said he would look up the passages when he gets home.

This is why I try to give my time and schedule to God. He can use it better than I can. (Sometimes, even when I’m tired and somewhat grouchy. 🤭)

Abel got most of the base cabinets done last night. Then he made a confession. He hasn’t even started the upper cabinets. He had lied about them being finished because he was scared of Fernando. “Please give me two more weeks, and I’ll have them done. Just two more weeks.”

I agreed. Though, what other options I had, I did not know. He promised he would not take on any more jobs ahead of mine.

At bedtime, he was ready to go home, so I took him. I was grateful it wasn’t midnight. At his house, I confirmed, “Two more weeks, right?”

“It might be three, but nothing more. I have one job I started this week. I have to finish that. But that is all. Don’t worry!”

I don’t think I’ll worry, but I won’t hold my breath either. I heard him take calls from four different people who want their job done now. He promised every single person that he’d work on their project that same day so it would be ready the first thing next morning. I don’t know how that can possibly work.

We are quite happy with what we’ve gotten so far. And we’re going to work on exercising those thankfulness muscles over the next two weeks until the rest comes.

With all this going on, Steph managed to make two cake orders. I really liked the one with the mountains on the side. It was beautiful.

Dane is helping.