Two Weeks Until Visitors

Today is an exciting day for us because it marks fourteen days until we get more visitors! They will arrive a month after Peter’s left, Lord willing. Our friends Andrew and Lauretta plan to leave the States Christmas morning to arrive here the next day. Andrew is a board member for GCM, the mission we are under.

Our children know that Andrew’s plan to come someday, but they do not know when. We’ve let slip a couple of times accidentally something about Andrew’s plans (I’ve been the worse one), and the children have latched onto it, but we’ve been able to divert them pretty easily, I think.

The way it was easy to divert them was that Andrew’s plan to bring all of their eight children when they come, and those children did not have passports. So, when our children were sure the others were coming, I simply said that the children cannot come without passports, and that was that.

But we found out today that the last of the passports are in the mail. That is exciting because it means that the big things are in place for their family to travel. But they still have to deal with Covid tests and all the stress of that.

We want to surprise our children if we can because this will be the first visitors of their age since we came to Peru. They miss being able to easily talk with friends; though, they do get along well with children here. We’ll see if we can actually pull off the surprise.

Please pray for Andrew’s as they continue to prepare and plan. Peter and Maryann did a lot of work that will help Andrew’s know what’s what in order to travel here. However, there will be some notable differences because Andrew’s are using different airlines with varying requirements.

Besides which, traveling with eight children from the ages of zero to fourteen would not be an easy task in the best of circumstances. Add to that foreign travel compounded by Covid, and it will be an adventure! Levi and Judi have done international traveling with a large family, so they can give them tips.

Steph was saying that it doesn’t feel like Christmas with 75-degree weather. (I think 75 degrees is one of the better Christmas gifts.) But she feels like having friends here will be Christmas for her, even without snow. (I think Christmas without snow is one of the better experiences.)

Yesterday, I was at market until nearly lunchtime. I worked at selling manjar and magdalenas (caramel and cupcakes) while Percy sold two bucklings and tried to sell some ducks. The ducks refused to sell, so we brought them home.

I needed to deliver a cake order, but before I left the market, I went looking at the goats. Our two bucklings were for sale again for S/100 more than we sold them for. A lesson for next time.

I found a young doeling who had a very tiny udder but some milk. The people said she’d just kidded earlier this week, but the kid didn’t live. Judging by the signs, I’m guessing she had a miscarriage. She’s too young to have been carrying a kid anyway, it looks like to me.

They wanted only S/160 for her. She’s not in excellent body shape, but she’s not too bad. I got her. Her name is Ellen, and she will be Shawn’s goat. I don’t plan to get a goat for Seth until he’s older and helping with chores.

A fellow came by with a box of puppies. “They are all males. Can you take some?”

I checked them and found that several were females. I showed the females to the man who claimed to have forgotten they weren’t all males. I took two males, a brown and a black.

Dane says the black one is his. The brown one is somewhat homely, and he was immediately relegated to family-dog status. The black one is called Puppy for now.

The brown one is called Buster. Anne and Abbey chose his name because of a story about a bear named Buster who did not eat the man that the tree fell on, but someone had a gun and almost killed him–the man, not the bear–except maybe there wasn’t a gun, but there definitely was a dog, and he could have been killed–the bear, not the dog, and not the man. They both loudly and longly told me the story in multiple versions, so I naturally have no clue what happened. But I told them they could keep the name.

Catching ducks
Neighboring vendors with a Schnauzer.
These ladies decided to store their cases of ice cream under my tent to keep them out of the sun. No, they didn’t ask.
Two free puppies
Walter’s buddies
Shawn and Ellen
Snow on the mountains after seventeen days of rain.