Simple Saturday

We had a simple and quiet Saturday.

The only big thing I did was to help Percy try to figure out why we couldn’t keep water pressure at the house. About two weeks ago, a pipe had broken underground up at the other house. I was sick that day, so Percy had repaired it himself.

Ever since then, we’ve struggled with the pump. It would just run continually as if there was another leak. I had been sick and then very busy, so I never got up to check it out. Percy just turned the pump off, and we got by with mountain pressure, which sometimes wasn’t enough to make the water heater kick on.

Percy and I did some troubleshooting and figured out that there were no leaks at the upper house, nor along the lane, but when we opened up the the lower valve, the pump ran. We looked for obvious leaks, but saw nothing.

Then, the light finally came on. I realized because the mountain valve was open, the water was simply cycling down to the lower house and back up. Brain burp.

I know that’s the way the valves are set up, but the reason my brain hadn’t gone there was because I hadn’t opened any valves. Percy had adjusted some when he’d fixed the broken pipe.

I should have and could have thought of it myself earlier, but I just had a brain block because of not having adjusted the valves myself. Quite happily, all is well again.

The children got the Sunday cleaning done while Steph baked, and I studied for the sermon. It was a lovely day of rain and sunshine and relaxation.

Rafael messaged and asked if they could come for supper. We got all the bathing done before they arrived and enjoyed a quiet evening with them.

Outside while it’s sunny
Walter was very happy.
Coffee and table games