Alone Again

We’ve enjoyed several weeks in a row of visitors on Sunday. But people had other things to do.

Rafael went to Cusco; Elisabet stayed at the store. Fernando invited friends for lunch, so they all stayed home because Esmeralda had to cook for him. Alicia had to go vote in the town elections. And José is always going to come next week.

So, we had church alone again. But we enjoyed being together and singing together. I preached on the Tower of Babel and sent my message out to the group. We also recorded our singing and sent it out.

I went up with the boys for naps. We’re reading about Ol’ Unc’l Possum right now. The boys love the chapters that have songs in them because I come up with a melody on the spot. They were disappointed that this chapter had no song, only Mr. Toad winking slyly from the shadows at Sammy Jay.

We slept long and loud as the rain came down. The children had put the goats into the barn before the rain started while I was sending the sermon out. Goats hate being wet and will break through the fence to get into the barn if we don’t let them in.

In the evening, we had fries. Steph makes such good fries, but it’s a long process of multiple fryings. But they’re so good!

It was cold last night following the storm. It got down to freezing. It was in the low 50’s in the house. So, we went to bed early and curled up under the blankets, waiting for the sun to bring things back into the 70’s today.