Haircuts and Happy News

Steph needed to go to town today, but Percy had borrowed the truck for the morning. So, she decided to catch a combi into town while I stayed home and alternately worked on the sermon and supervised the Saturday cleaning. Shawn, Seth, and I walked up to the road and helped carry the bags in from the road when she returned.

This afternoon we did haircuts. I gave each of the boys theirs, excluding Walter whose hair isn’t growing as fast as the others. Steph then cut my hair. She had to take a number of breaks during the process because her hands were bothering her.

We wanted to get the haircuts done before chores because Rafael’s were supposed to be coming then. They were delivering a load of rebar and other supplies for a fencing project Percy will be working on.

They also wanted to spend the evening with us because Rafael is going to Lima on Monday. They are rejoicing that his mom could go to Lima yesterday. William and a doctor accompanied her. Rafael’s flight couldn’t happen at the same time, unfortunately.

Rafael said nothing was happening. It seemed like the doctors weren’t concerned. Then he began praying and asking God for a miracle, and he knew we were praying, too. Then suddenly, it all happened at once, and they are anticipating surgery next week.

Rafael said it was nothing but a miracle. “It has to be a miracle, David. There was no other way. God made it all happen at once when we had lost hope.”

I asked him if God loves him so much and gives such good gifts, what can he give Him in return but his life. “Tienes razΓ³n, David. You’re right,” he said.

Rafael said William told him he can’t come to Lima without a haircut, but Rafael didn’t want to get a haircut from a barbershop, and he didn’t want Elisabet to try again. Mistakes were made last time. So, we decided that I would do it. I think it turned out well.

Tomorrow is his last day here. He isn’t sure when he’ll be back, but he bought a return ticket for January 15. Depending how things go, he may wish to return sooner.

A friend from the States sent me a money gift to share with Rafael to help cover the ticket cost to Lima. Rafael could hardly believe it. Elisabet said I was lying so that I could give a gift and pretend it wasn’t me, but Rafael told her I can’t lie.

Rafael wanted to know why a stranger would want to help him, and I told him it’s because my friend is full of the love of God. That seemed incredible to him, but he understood it. I hope the Lord can use that gift as a seed.

They do not yet have a date for surgery, but it’s looking like things are finally coming together. I am not planning to go… yet. Once they have an operation date, Rafael and I will talk.

Thanks for praying. Please keep on.

Shawn has to have his birthmark trimmed because it’s hairy. He says it’s his beard.
Unloading the truck before the rain arrived. Day 25 of rain, I think.
Now he can go to Lima. 😊