Rafael Went to Lima

I forgot I hadn’t posted this morning.

Rafael left for Lima this morning. He told me last night that he was scared of what Lima held for him. They are looking forward to and dreading the possibilities.

I asked him to let me know once they discover what the plans are for the surgery. They said they first have to do a special brain scan. Rafael said it should be Thursday. I’m not sure how soon the results will be.

I talked with Emilio today. He said he is living not far from the hospital (Dos de Mayo) where Rafael’s mom is.

Our friends Andrew and Lauretta and family are coming this Saturday, Lord willing. Rafael apologized for not being here when they arrive. I told him not to worry, of course. I am sorry that they may not get to see each other.

Please continue to pray for Maritza and Rafael and William. The waiting is hard for them as a family. Maritza’s blood pressure has not been staying down like they want.

And please pray for Andrew’s as they jump through all the hoops necessary to get here. They have some significant challenges ahead yet.