Good Fences

I am trying to put a garden in. The neighbor has cows and sheep and pigs and dogs that refuse to stay on their side of ditch. My demolished flower bed is a testament of their frequent visits.

Percy said there is nothing to do but use the welder. That is, he wanted to build a fence around the garden. So, we bought pipe and rebar, and he set to work yesterday.

He made good progress and pretty well finished one whole side. That leaves the other side and the gate. It should be enough to keep the animals out. I’m looking forward to having a safe place from the neighbors’ animals.

Humorously, while he was working at welding, the neighbor’s cows kept getting into the garden. It was humorous, right? Sigh…

I’m thinking to put more things out in the garden today if I can. I have more veggies and some starts of plants in the house. I have visions of a small paradise within the fence.

It rained hard all night long. Part of the time was a lightning storm. Rain at night makes for good sleeping. We’ve had twenty-seven days of rain now, but the locals say it is too dry. They expect January will be filled with monsoon-like weather to make up for it.

See the neighbor’s cows in the garden?
The beginning of a fence
Some of my plant starts
Still raining. We’ll do chores late to see if it stops. The goats hate rain. I think it’s beautiful.