A Random Few Exciting-ish Things

Yesterday it rained all day and into the evening. We haven’t had a long day of rain like that in awhile. Percy had already planned to be away at his potato field for the day, so I planned to work on a writing project.

Because the goats hate rain, we kept them inside the barn all day. Dane and I chopped up extra chala for them to eat for the day. Two goats were in heat, Pauline and Doris. I put Doris and Pippin in the cow section of the barn, while I put Enoch in with the herd to take care of Pauline.

Unfortunately, sometime in the afternoonPippin jumped through the window to be with Pauline, also. Doris pursued her lover through the windows and managed to stay with him, but her kid, poor little Dawn, was left alone in the cow barn.

The does are beginning to come into heat as a group. They will be in season for a couple months, likely–or until they settle. We’re looking forward to May kiddings for our first batch.

Some of our young hens are starting to lay. I had expected them to start in November, so they are a little late. But their eggs are cute and delicious. Some of the younger group fly over the fence, so we have to clip one of their wings to keep them in.

Anne and Steph made cupcakes and bread so we could take them to the Wednesday market today. We’re planning to go as a whole family because we want to shop at the market for gifts for the children. We want to get them each a new coat or jacket, so we need their bodies present.

We’d planned to go on Friday, Christmas day, but the government has shut down the country for Christmas and New Year’s days. We thought it could be a fun outing to go shopping all together. Today will be just as fun.

Steph has two last-minute cake orders, one for Abel and one for Sra. Rosita. We’ll deliver Abel’s today, and I’ll deliver the other tomorrow.

In exciting or happy or suspenseful news, Rafael confirmed that the doctors confirmed that the scan to confirm surgery for Maritza is scheduled for Thursday.

We’re glad Andrew’s are coming on the 26th so I can pick them up in Cusco without trouble. Keep praying for them. They’re waiting for results of their Covid tests.

Also, their flights keep getting changed, right up to the last. It’s a bit stressful for them because it keeps causing trouble with their lap child who falls off the reservation each time a flight is changed–poor little guy! I hope he isn’t bruised from all the falling. Pray that they will make it here without trouble.

Another problem relating to Andrew’s and to the rain is that the rain leakified through a hole in the the roof at the upper house and drip-drip-dripped into the motor of the water pressure pump and burndeded it all up. Thus, we are without a pressure pump. We would like good water pressure for our guests.

I got the back of my hand cut while trying to move valves in the dark, and I got the whole of my body electrified while testing if the motor had current. It did. But it made less noise than I did.

I hope we can get it replaced before Saturday. Always something exciting going on!

Rain, rain, rain
Clipping the rooster’s wing
The rooster attacking Gog
Since you cannot enjoy my being electrified….