Feliz Navidad and Safe Travels

Steph said yesterday felt like we got nothing done, but she thinks we did the important things. She finished a cake, and I tore apart the washer.

I wasn’t sure what to do about the washer. It has two broken pieces underneath, one part of the tub itself. We can’t get a service person out, likely. But Percy thinks we can fix it with JB Weld or something like it. We need supplies from town, but we can’t get them until Saturday.

Speaking of Percy, we gave them their gifts. The children weren’t all here, so Pedro had the joy of taking all the gifts home. We had gotten a dinnerware set for Percy and Lucrecia. They seemed overjoyed.

Percy said he’s so thankful to work for me, and they promise to work even harder and better this coming year. Steph was slightly alarmed that they might kill themselves if they work harder.

I’m thankful for an excellent helper and also for the friendship we’re building with Percy and his family. That’s been a wonderful gift from the Lord.

I’ve been enjoying getting messages from friends and neighbors here this morning. It is a joy to see relationships growing.

One friend said, “May peace, love and happiness reign in your home. Merry Christmas.” Another said, “David … Thank you for being the friend that our God put on the path … May God continue to illuminate the path that He has prepared for us …. Blessings, friend David !!! 💓” And another said, “Ho! Ho! Ho!”

I apparently have a variety of friends here.

Rafael messaged me at midnight, of course. That’s his way. I was awake because there was tremendous noise from fireworks and music all around us. Rafael said they are still waiting on results for his mom. He’s pretty anxious about that.

Andrew’s are at the airport in DC. Looks like things are going well so far; they are through security. Quote: “It was a breeze. No one else around, nothing questioned, no metal detectors set off. Amazing. Easiest one ever.”

They have a jump to Miami first, arriving around 10:30 this morning, and from there to Lima, arriving around 6:00 tonight, Lord willing.

Assuming all is well, I will pick them up tomorrow morning around 8:30 in Cusco. Percy is going with me, which I’m thankful for.

Broken pieces
Percy using his brain
Not how the washer should look
Pedro hugging Shawn for the gift
Giving Lucrecia the dinnerware sets
They borrowed the truck to take the gifts home.
Rain yesterday afternoon