Ceviche with Alicia

Steph and I had asked Alicia a while ago if she’d be willing to make ceviche for Andrew’s, and she was willing. We scheduled it for today.

Ceviche is a well-known Peruvian meal notable for using uncooked fish. The fish is soaked in fresh lemon juice for a couple of hours, and the acid from the lemon “cooks” the fish. Hot peppers and other ingredients are added to the prepared fish, which is served cool or tepid on a bed of onions and lettuce with a side of sweet potatoes.

I really enjoy ceviche, and Alicia does an excellent job preparing it. Lauretta thoroughly enjoyed it. Andrew said it wasn’t bad, but he would take a burger over it any day. There were mixed reviews from the children.

To start the day, I took Steph to Conchacalla to get vaccines for Walter before going to pick up Alicia. She and I went into Izcuchaca to buy the fish and other ingredients fresh. We got caught in the rain, but we managed to get everything without getting too wet.

Steph messaged to say that after waiting quite awhile, the posta said they didn’t have the vaccine, so she is rescheduled for a few weeks from now.

Lauretta and the girls made cupcakes while Andrew and the boys mucked out the pig pen, the goat pen, and the chicken pen. Having a bunch of extra hands really makes the work go quickly.

I brought Alicia back to work on the ceviche dish. Andrew and I took all the boys to José’s to get suero for the pig. The workers told us that it would only be un ratito (one little moment) until the suero was ready. Anson was bewildered by our continued wait: “It was only supposed to be a moment. Why are we still waiting?!” Welcome to Peru.

We enjoyed the ceviche after which I took Alicia home in time to get her cows in. We finished eating lunch a little after 3:00. I had told Andrew before that it would be after 3:30 before the lunch was over and cleaned up, and he was incredulous. I was pleased that I had gauged it accurately.

One last run for the day took Andrew and I into town to get saldo on his phone because it had run out. (Sound familiar, Peter?)

We had a full day of rain with only moments of cloudy breaks. Definitely the rainy season. We don’t look at the mud coming into the house. We just enjoy the person who does the tracking.

The posta at Conchacalla
Picking up Alicia
Buying fish
Going to get suero
Que rico!
Not sure about this….
Anson, killing time
The clothes are just not drying!