Wednesday Market and Cuy

We did a town run. Not everyone went because we have all exchanged colds with one another. Those who had the worst of it stayed home.

Steph did some grocery shopping. I did some money transfers. Andrew and his children sold bread and cupcakes in the plaza.

I joined them then as they were looking for shoes to buy for the young crowd. We then went to market to get grain for the goats. The Criders did not enjoy the market run because we were shadowed the entire time by a very drunk man who talked at us in Quechua.

I was supposed to pick up caldo de gallina for lunch, but I forgot, so we had hotdogs. For supper, I ran into town to get cuy (Guinea pig). It was well received; though, the cuy weren’t very meaty this time.

Since it was Wednesday, we sang out of the English songbooks. Each child picked a song. Then we enjoyed an evening of table games in which I managed to lose quite consistently.

I’m now putting the turkey into brine for tomorrow’s New Year’s Eve meal.

They were all eaten.