Planting and Pizza

Today was a super sunny day! So, most of us ended up sunburned. We’ve had so many days of cloud and rain that we couldn’t help but get outside.

I’ve been wanting to get more things into the garden. Percy had helped me put out onions, carrots, and cucumbers. I also planted pumpkin and cantaloupe.

I had Lauretta help me put out some flowers and plants. We designed a succulent bed that turned out really well. I’m rather pleased with my haven.

The boys were working on planting willow saplings along the ditch. They struggled a bit and ended up taking a few swims. Andrew and I helped them finish. We did the whole way from our house to the top of the upper field on the back ditch and also the stretch in front of the house.

Steph and the girls caught up the laundry. It was wonderful to have the laundry drying quickly. I’m a bit afraid that the tares and the wheat are so mixed that we will be finding other children’s clothes in our dressers for awhile.

This evening we had pizza and invited Percy’s family to join us. After eating, we played 10,000 and found out how Guatemala Spanish differs from Peru Spanish. Anson won twice and Percy once.

Elisabet called to say she just remembered that her mom’s birthday is tomorrow, and she needs a cake. Steph graciously agreed to make one.

Steph’s and Cherie’s birthdays are tomorrow as well. So, I guess Steph is making her birthday cake, but she won’t get to eat it.

Percy made the rows
Planting peas and corn
Soaking up the sun
Designing the succulent bed
Singing for devotions