Church, Sight-seeing, and Packing

We had a larger group this morning. Fernando’s family came, and they brought some friends. Fernando Jr. planned to be here with his family, but the food took longer to cook than he had planned.

Andrew preached a message on New Year’s resolutions versus having power from God. Esmeralda asked me afterward why he preached such a short message because she could have listened to him a long time.

Everyone stayed for lunch. Fernando and Esmeralda brought stuffed hot peppers, and Jr brought a potato casserole. Steph made Mexican rice casserole.

We enjoyed a couple hours of conversation. Fernando was sure all problems could be traced back to bad government, Jr thought it was all about ignorance, and Willie thought everyone was bad except for him and his friends. Andrew and I kept trying to bring up Bible truth.

They all left to let Steph and the children take naps. Andrew wanted to go adventuring, so we went driving. Their whole family came along. We went up one route above Compone and ended up at an israelita camp. We found various plants along the way to bring back for my collection.

We then went up above Conchacalla. The road kept going and going. I checked the elevation and found we were nearly at 13,000 feet, so we pressed on until we reached it.

Back home it was time for Andrew’s to pack. I ran to Fernando’s to get a package Esmeralda wanted sent to her cousin in the States. All six suitcases were packed and mostly weighed when the scale battery died. They decided to add another suitcase to deal with the extra weight.

It’s raining now. Maybe the Peruvian sky is matching our feelings.

Church service
Serving lunch
At the summit of the road
~13,000 feet elevation
Preparing gifts for friends
The last weighing before the batteries died.