Quick Update: Andrew’s and Rafael

Andrew’s family made it home safe and sound. We had some worries because of Peru tightening regulations on Americans entering Peru due to the virus mutation in the States. But it seemed Peru was glad to let Americans leave.

I talked with Rafael a bit today. He says it’s looking more likely that they will send his mom home without the surgery. She has insurance that should cover everything, but the doctors are asking for $10,000 to do the surgery.

They say they cannot do it without Rafael and William buying the surgical supplies. Rafael found them all in Lima, but the price was out of reach. They told him their family can pay $10,000, and they’ll do the surgery now, or they can come back in three to four months, and the insurance will pay for it.

Walter’s wife Evita worked for a hospital for years. She says this sort of thing happens. A doctor will work at the government hospital but will also have his own clinic. Some doctors steal supplies from the hospital and sell them at outrageous prices. Evita says she’s sure the insurance should cover the cost of everything now, no need to wait.

I don’t know. It certainly feels like Rafael’s family is getting the run-around. I do not understand how Maritza is expected to live several more months if she truly is in critical condition. It’s all rather bizarre to me.

Rafael says he expects to be home next week. He’s pretty discouraged. They do not have $10,000 to cover the surgery, and they don’t want to line the doctors’ pockets for nothing. It is very hard.

Thank you for your continued prayers. Much wisdom is needed for them to know what the right way forward is. Thank you to those of you who have been asking about Rafael. I let him know you are praying for him.

Double rainbow late this afternoon