Belated Thank You

“What did you like of the gifts that came from the States?”

Walter: Bloon unnhh uh uh eee. (Steph says that means the little raccoon plushie he loves.)

Seth: Chicken and potatoes! (That’s what we had for supper….)

Shawn: The twactor. The bubbles. I like them! The gum inside my tractor. And the gum from inside my tractor. And I liked the gum.

Dane: My tiny Lincoln Logs. My new wallet. The little bus that was full of candy. All the letters. The $2 bill.

Abbey: The caramels from Grandma. The gum from Miss Jolynn. Shoulder massage machines. The Catan game about the Inkas. The spirograf things from Ms. Linda. My special bag from Uncle Toby. All the books from Miss Naoma and Mr. Nathan’s.

Anne: The perfume and lotion and lip balm. The stickers and eraser and tablet from Ms. Evelyn. The markers and coloring books. The Rise of the Inkas game. The game Set!

Stephanie: Everything. 😊 Spatulas. Hot pads. Measuring cups. Mixer attachment. Honey mustard pretzels. Chocolate. New shoes for my birthday. Candles. Letters.

Me: Circus Peanuts! Coffee! Cheese! New Dewalt tools. Runts (Thanks, Schmidt!). Books from my friends. A Gregg’s Reference Manual. Sweaters and jackets.

Thank you to everyone. We are grateful for your kindness. Your love and thoughtfulness give us courage.

We keep finding more things from you as the dust continues to settle. Your sharing will be with us for a good while. And with each circus peanut, our hearts are lifted.

We wish you the Lord’s blessings.