Cleaning and Chala

Today was a profitable day outdoors. So far, it hasn’t rained. If we don’t get rain soon, we will break the streak! That means the laundry actually dried completely.

While the others did school, Shawn and Seth helped me. We cleaned out the chicken pen, cleaned out the kid pen and added new bedding, cleaned out the milking pen, and cleaned out the bodega. That feels very good.

We had lunch, and Jubinal showed up with a truck load of chala. Well, the truck wasn’t quite full, but it was still a good bit. Percy and Lucrecia were not pleased when they showed up in the afternoon and saw it. Lucrecia did her best to get Percy to call and demand more for what I paid, but both Percy and I felt it would be better to just let it go this time.

Jubinal is very pushy man. “Bien terco,” Lucrecia says. Extremely stubborn. He says he’s coming back tomorrow to sell me three or four cows despite my insisting I don’t want them. He said he’ll bring them still, and if I don’t want to buy them he can leave them here anyway, and then in a few months we can sell them and split the profits.

Percy said they’ll for sure be here tomorrow to help ensure that I do not end up with a farmful of animals that I don’t want! I apparently do not know enough ways to say no in Spanish.

Percy has still been dealing with the court case with his daughter, but he says there are no appointments tomorrow. It’s been over a week since he could work here. I’ve really missed his help.

Steph worked on baking cupcakes for me to sell tomorrow. I had baked bread yesterday, and we made yogurt together. We want to bake biscuits yet.

The pig is very close to farrowing.
Kitten stealing milk
Bedding in the kid pen
The mountain of chala
Bread rising
Chocolate cupcakes