Getting Ready for Visitors from Peru!

This is a bit of a twist, isn’t it? Yes, we’re getting visitors again, but this time, they’re coming by car instead of by plane.

The Simon Slabaugh family from the church at Huaral is taking a bit of a family trip, and as part of their travels, they will spend a few days with us. Their youngest is five and the oldest is twenty-two; though, I think the oldest couple of boys won’t be along.

We’re looking forward to meeting some other believers from up north. Steph does not envy them the drive over the mountains, having made the trip from Curahuasi.

Simon’s are coming from the rain shadow of the Andes down along Peru’s western coast. They get essentially no rain at all in a year. We’re expecting tomorrow to be Day 50 of consecutive days of rain–it did rain last night again around 10:30.

Coming from basically sea level near the coast to over 11,000 feet elevation here, we hope the change in elevation won’t affect them too badly. Since they are coming into in more gradually, maybe they can acclimate on the trip. Steph is armed with tea and soup to help them settle in.

It feels a bit strange to think we are having people from the States visiting us, yet they live in Peru. We are eager to hear their stories. Hopefully, we can learn some things.

Steph and the children and I worked up at the other house to prepare beds for Simon’s older boys. We plan to host the couple and their girls down here. There was a lot of dust to clear away! We have a bit more to do tomorrow yet.

And Percy was back! This is the first day he’s been able to work here in a week and a half. He replaced the water pressure pump for me. Things are back to normal now. (Sorry, Andrew’s. You just weren’t important enough to get the water pressure fixed.)

Anne, Abbey, and Dane helped Percy and me worm the cows this morning. Percy held the rope and halter, the children pulled out the correct dosages, and I administered the injections. We also gave every animal a vitamin injection and gauged their weight with a tape measure.

It was a full day.

Getting flowers this afternoon for our guests