We Did a Bit of Silage

I don’t have many pictures or many words. I’m surprised at how tired and sore I am.

Percy found a man who had a small chopping machine we could rent. We ran all the corn stalks through that to make silage. We’re not sure how well it will keep, so this is a bit of an experiment.

Dane and Shawn helped me haul the stalks into the barn. The corn was heavier than I expected because of being wet. Percy helped feed the stalks into the machine or forked the silage. The man running the machine only knew a handful of Spanish words, and I know no Quechua, so we used smiles to communicate.

Steph worked at finishing the house prep. I didn’t see what all she got into, but she says she more or less feels ready. I managed to help a bit this afternoon. Simon messaged and said they made good progress today.

The pile in the barn
All that’s left is leaves.
Neat little bundle