Baking and Weeding and Climbing

After breakfast, Jheyson helped me put together the biscuit mix. We can put enough dry ingredients into a large bucket to make over thirty batches of the recipe.

Next, a number of us went up to the other house to work on flower beds. It took some grunts and groans, but we got them all cleaned out.

After lunch, Simon and I ran into town with two of the boys. I needed to sell bread and do some grocery shopping.

That left us just a little time before supper. We decided to take the truck up above Conchacalla to see the vista. We made better time than I was expecting, so we were back before the pizza was done.

I said that the boys could race back to the truck, and whoever won the race could drive the truck back. Then I became afraid that Randy the thirteen-year-old would win, but his older brother valiantly made it, despite trials in the running of the race.

Then everyone needed showers or baths before bed. I was feeling fairly tired tonight.

With supervisors
Can you see our house?