Prayer Request: China Plans to Come to Peru

We’ve been working with the mission board and my sister to see if we could get her down here to help us. And after months of preparation, it looks like it is coming to fruition.

My sister China (Elizabeth, but we always call her China) plans to fly down next week, Lord willing. We learned from Simon’s that there will be some folks flying to Huaral from the States, and we may be able to arrange for China to fly with them.

That will be a blessing for her because she doesn’t know Spanish… yet. The plan is for her to be here with us through Stephanie’s pregnancy, helping with various things. Steph and I are both thrilled that we will have a sister here with us.

But, this is all yet to be seen. Tickets must be found and purchased. Covid tests must be taken and passed. All the paperwork must be in order. She must shut her life down there in one week’s time.

But the one big reason for the sudden decision is that Peru is considering closing the border to Americans again because of the increased cases and mutation of the virus in the States. We want to get her here before the opportunity is gone, and it sounds like the first of February may be when the change could happen.

Please pray with us that the Lord would keep the doors open and make a way for her to come. These things can change so quickly.

And please pray for my sister China. This must all feel very big to her. And also for my family in the States as they say goodbye for a little while.